Media Releases

  • iStock_000041685108_small Health Funds delivering benefits for consumers

    Thursday 18 August 2016

    The CEO of Private Healthcare Australia, Dr Rachel David, said Australian Health Funds are committed to keeping private health insurance sustainable and premiums affordable for members. The fact that funds… Read more

  • quality-and-safety-in-hospitals Consumers will win from Whitecoat joint venture

    Friday 29 July 2016

    “Australian health funds are taking a significant step towards improving the healthcare experiences of consumers through the launch of the expanded Whitecoat initiative,” PHA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Rachel David said today.

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  • phi-downgrade Private Healthcare Australia says Labor must come clean on complex rebate changes

    Sunday 26 June 2016

    “Labor’s latest plan to remove the private health insurance rebate from policies covering only public hospital treatment will deliver marginal savings and create confusion and panic for some consumers,” said PHA Chief Executive, Dr Rachel David.

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  • iStock_000088875509_small Private Healthcare Australia Supports Government Commitment to PHI Sustainability

    Sunday 12 June 2016

    Australia’s health funds have welcomed the Coalition Government’s commitment to reform medical device pricing and make health insurance more accessible and affordable for Australians. Private Healthcare Australia Chief Executive, Dr… Read more

  • iStock_000053404056_large Premium Affordability should be a priority for Incoming Government

    Friday 10 June 2016

    The next Australian Government should commit to working with health funds to improve the sustainability and affordability of the private health sector and should take immediate steps to reduce pressure on premiums.

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  • phi-membership Accessible and Affordable Health Insurance

    Thursday 9 June 2016

    Private Healthcare Australia is committed to working with the incoming Federal Government and industry stakeholders to ensure a sustainable and affordable health insurance system on behalf of all Australians. Improved transparency, accountability and competitiveness across the whole private health supply chain is critical to the sustainability of the sector.

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  • prostheses_reform Survey shows Value of Health Cover

    Wednesday 8 June 2016

    Private Healthcare Australia’s Annual Survey of High Claims has highlighted the value of health insurance, particularly for younger Australians, with funds paying out more than $6 billion in benefits for individual claims over $10,000 in 2015.

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  • hospital-bed_large Greens Health Policy a Disaster for Public Health

    Wednesday 25 May 2016

    The Greens plan to abolish the Private Health Insurance Rebate will have a disastrous impact on public hospitals and set health policy development back decades.

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  • iStock_000084234895_medium PHA Budget 2016 Media Statement

    Wednesday 4 May 2016

    Australia’s health funds have welcomed the Government’s commitment to improving the sustainability and affordability of the private healthcare sector, but warn the Government should take immediate steps to reduce pressure on premiums…. Read more

  • iStock_000083355387_small Federal Government must act now to ensure sustainability of healthcare

    Thursday 31 March 2016

    While premium increases are lower than in recent years and substantially lower than State Government health cost increases, the industry is far from complacent according to Private Healthcare Australia (PHA) CEO Dr. Rachel David.

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