My family is covered…and that’s what matters to me

We didn’t want to take the risk

We decided that our family’s health was too important to put at risk. That’s why we chose the best healthcare cover for ourselves and our children.

Our family knows there is nothing worse than waiting for months to have surgery in the public system and then having it postponed again at the last minute.

Our experience:
“My ageing father could hardly get around and had been waiting for knee replacement surgery for eight months. When he was finally prepared to undergo surgery he was told he’d have to wait another six weeks. He wanted to give up but eventually had the job done. Now he believes us when we say that private health insurance is the only way to go. He is privately insured again.”

We’re covered for whatever happens

Unfortunately, tragedy and mishaps occur every day and that is sadly a fact of life. Whether it be a sudden illness that strikes, a car accident, or a necessary operation, you never know when you really need access to the best
healthcare for yourself or your family. That’s why we decided we should be ready for whatever happens.

We’ll get access to the best specialists

At least we know that if we need to, we have quick access to Australia’s best doctors and medical specialists. No waiting.

Accessing the very best health services

Private Healthcare provides quick access to Australia’s best doctors and specialists. You should also know that over half of all surgery performed in Australia is paid for by Private Healthcare Funds. It is not only true that Private Healthcare provides the best hospital care, it is also true with dental care, optical care and most other ancillary healthcare services.

Our family knows we have access to the best hospital and medical treatment.

Our experience:
“When I had an emergency heart attack recently in a remote area of SA, my wife rang my cardiologist in Adelaide who immediately arranged everything for me at Wakefield St Private Hospital. I was taken directly from the
Royal Flying Doctor plane, put straight into the ambulance, then straight into surgery and 3 hours later I was happily chatting away with my wife in my private room. I know I’m lucky. And luckily, I had Private Healthcare.”

Speed is the key

We know that speed of service is important. That’s why with Private Healthcare you don’t go onto a long waiting list. One of the big benefits of Private Healthcare is that you just don’t have to wait.

That’s just one of the differences between the Public health system and Private Healthcare system.

We’ll get better care

We know that we can get into a private hospital whenever we need to. We know we’ll get a private room as soon as one is available. We know we’ll get the best care.

For us, these are just some of the reasons we want the best healthcare for our family.