2011 Media Release

Australians Value Private Health Insurance

17 November 2011

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More and more Australians are taking out Private Health Insurance because they value freedom of choice, their right to a choice of doctor, hospital and timing of their surgery.

The CEO of the AHIA, Dr … Read more

MyHospitals Website Update Welcomed

27 October 2011

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The Chief Executive of the Australian Health Insurance Association, Dr Michael Armitage today welcomed the Government’s decision to publish hospital acquired infection rates on the MyHospitals website as an important step towards improving health outcomes … Read more

Means testing will Hurt Health Care

16 August 2011

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The growth in the Private Health Insurance sector should send a signal to Government that Private Health Insurance is popular in the electorate; that the system is working; and the Government should maintain the existing … Read more

“No, Minister”

27 May 2011


Private health insurance plays an important part in delivering Australians access to world-class care. Last year private health funds paid $12.4 billion in benefits towards the healthcare of the
11.7 million Australians with private health cover.

By proposing to means-test the 30% Rebate, the Minister for Health and Ageing will make healthcare less affordable for all Australians, and by her own admission, add more pressure to our public hospitals.… Read more

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Means-testing affects entire Australian health system

4 May 2011


A new Report into the impact of the Government’s policy to means-test the 30% Rebate on Private Health Insurance has concluded that the policy will have a negative impact across the entire Australian health system.… Read more

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