Private Health Insurance Industry Submission on PCEHR Legislation Paper

24 August 2011

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The Australian Government is establishing electronic health records with the aim of delivering benefits for patients and clinicians across Australia. The personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system is proposed to enable better access to … Read more

AHIA’s Position Paper on Reinsurance High Cost Claims

27 June 2006

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AHIA engaged KPMG to work with the AHIA Reinsurance Steering Group to develop an industry
agreed system of reinsurance for Private Health Insurance. The Steering group consisted of AHIA
and HIRMAA members.… Read more

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AHIA’s Position Paper on Out of Hospital Gate Care

27 March 2006

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The Australian Health Insurance Association (AHIA) understands there is a strong possibility that the Federal Government will legislate to enable health funds to purchase services outside the current hospital environment to provide members with greater healthcare options.… Read more

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AHIA’s Position Paper on Informed Financial Consent (IFC)

2 March 2006

The lack of Informed Financial Consent (IFC) provided to health fund contributors by medical practitioners continues to be a significant problem in Australia. While this is acknowledged as an issue for all consumers, those with private health insurance coverage have additional concerns that, in spite of their private health insurance coverage, they can still face unexpected out-of-pocket expenses they would not have if they went into a public hospital as a public patient. … Read more

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