It is estimated that millions of dollars are lost every year within Private Healthcare through fraud and inappropriate claiming. Every dollar ultimately impacting negatively on the premium of those that hold private health insurance.

What is Fraud?

Receiving a benefit payment where there is no legitimate entitlement, submitting deliberately misleading or false information or withholding relevant information.

How Could This Happen?

By a healthcare provider or health fund member providing misleading or false information, or withholding information to gain a financial advantage for themselves or another person.

Examples of potential fraud against Private Health Insurance:

  • Charging for treatment /s that have not been provided
  • Creating false documents
  • Altering accounts to increase financial benefits
  • Claiming for additional services without the healthcare providers’, health fund members’  knowledge

Impact of Fraud

Don’t pay more for your health insurance!

Our health care system has finite funding; for Private Health Insurance this is the sum of premiums paid into insurers. Fraud causes resources to be diverted away from payment of necessary services to pay illegitimate claims and ultimately affects us all through a need to increase premiums.

To combat those losses Health Funds around the world engage in a variety of activities designed to either prevent such losses or detect and recover them on behalf of their members.  Private health members,  the general public and healthcare providers are a vital part of that role and are encouraged to report concerns.

Reporting a Concern

The vast majority of people are honest and use Private Health Insuranceservices fairly, but if you have information about someone misusing these services, please contact the Private Health Insurer/s involved directly. For a list of appropriate contacts click here.

You can remain anonymous, and the information you provide will assist in ensuring funds support those who really need them.

If your concern relates to:

More Information

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